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ACCESS TO WORK ACCEPTED - Coaching The Foundations of Life; 12 x 1:2:1 Focussed Sessions, Incorporating the ADHD & Mental Health Recovery Outcome Star Assessment £1800.00

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Matt Shepley, Director, Sole Survivor PTSD Support CIC.


  • IARRT Rewind Practitioner www.iartt.com/the-rewind/
  • IEMT Practitioner www.integraleyemovementtherapy.com
  • CPCAB Level 1 – 3 Counselling Skills, currently studying L4 www.cpcab.co.uk
  • CRUSE Bereavement Counsellor
  • Facilitated 500+ hrs of Trauma Informed PTSD & ADHD Peer Support Group Meetings.
  • Level 5 Community Life Coaching
  • Outcome Star Accredited Coaching Provider
  • Enhanced DBS Certificate – Cert No:001756082855
  • Member of The Association For Coaching
  • Receives Monthly 1:2:1 Practioner Supervision
  • Receives Quarterly 1:2:1 Life Coach Supervision

About Matt:

Matt has a friendly, straight forward, no-nonsense approach to Mental Health Recovery Life Coaching, Trauma Therapy & Peer Support following years working as a Front Line Key Worker with Adult Complex Needs in some of the countries toughest and most economically deprived areas. These experiences have given him an insight into the inner workings of ADHD & PTSD in the community and the barriers people face when dealing with the NHS, DWP, Housing,  personal finances (debt) and substance use as a form of self medication.

Since 2019 Sole Survivor PTSD Support CIC have facilitated weekly face to face PTSD & ADHD Peer support for upwards of 50 clients around the North West of England, including a drop in for a homeless and refugee support service in Chester City.

Matt has battled and successfully overcome both Single Event PTSD & Complex PTSD, and also has a diagnosis of combined ADHD which he received at the age of 44 which has led him into researching the comorbidity between the two conditions more heavily. Matt is continually humbled by people’s resilience and will to survive and this motivates him to give support to those who are trying to make sense of what is going on in their lives and move themselves and their families forward.

Qualified in Rewind & IEMT Trauma Therapy, Matt has found his insights into the condition invaluable in treating PTSD and coaching ADHD.

Matt is available for ADHD and Post Therapy PTSD Coaching, Rewind and IEMT Therapy which is aimed at working on different areas of PTSD symptomatology in a way that does not require disclosure of the traumatic event from the client.

Join Matt for his monthly ADHD & PTSD ADHD UK online Peer Support Group.

Back up against the wall?

Are you affected adversely by the cost of living crisis? Are you on PIP, Benefits or just getting
back into work? Don’t worry, we can have a chat about the cost, don’t be embarrassed. If you
need help just ask and we’ll see what we can do. You’re Not Alone.
People helped me out when I needed it, let me repay them by doing the same for you.

Coaching The Foundations of Life.

Here’s the thing. A lot of people set goals but the foundation they are building it on is made of

Read that again.

Sound Familiar?

However hard you try, either things just collapse around your ears and you have to rebuild
everything yet again. You can’t seem to organise, prioritise, complete work and home-related
tasks in a time-scale that suits, which then has a knock-on effect on relationships, finances, your
self esteem and confidence.

That was me.

Looking back on my life, my battles and ultimately my success, I figured I could put what I had
learnt over the years of fighting, surviving, evolving (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) to good

Repackaging the negativity and flipping it to create something positive, Life Coaching for people
like Us with a course, created for You, by Me, called Coaching The Foundations of Life.

This 12-session 1:2:1 course is designed for those who may be coming to terms with ADHD, or
have been diagnosed in the last few years and are looking for a way to work on the impactful
aspects of the condition, whilst building on the innate ability and resilience we all have (but may
not be able to see) from the ground up.

We kick off the course with an Outcome Star Assessment, using both the Mental Health
Recovery; ADHD Outcome Stars, this will give us both an idea of where you are currently in life,
a benchmark to progress from.

Once we have completed those we will work on your pillars, what are those? Well, the areas of
your life that hold it all up, I figured I had four, and if they were maintained everything else in my
life seemed to flow and was easier to manage. You’ll uncover yours.

You will learn to goal-set weekly, I’ll be your accountability buddy through the course and you will
take a deep dive into each area of your life that you want to improve, which is measured at the
end by a reassessment with the Outcome Stars and a session on what your goal in life really is,
because now you have a solid foundation in place, you can start to build your Cathedral.

Anything is possible. You can. You Will

Speak Soon 😉

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