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from £25 per session

About ADHD Mentors:

Take control of your ADHD symptoms, master your mindset, and live without being overwhelmed.

Helping people with ADHD navigate life with self-compassion, confidence, and success.
Supporting adults and young people with ADHD to achieve their goals in education, work, and personal lives.

Whether you struggle with:
• Reaching your goals
• Overwhelm
• Procrastination
• Organisation
• Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria
• Maintaining healthy habits

We will help you to:
• Clarify your goals (and the type of life you actually want).
• Identify what is holding you back.
• Work on effective strategies that are tailored to you and your ADHD.
• Make goals and achieve them!

If you dream of a life with more calm, ease and less overwhelm then get in touch!


Reduced rate sessions start at £25 per session and are offered by trainee Coaches.

Find out more here: www.adhdmentors.co.uk

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