We are aware of a small number of people having issues with logging in to complete getting a ticket or item. We now believe we’ve identified the cause (linked to an anti-spam setting). We are now very keen to hear from anyone who currently has an issue getting a ticket or other item- as that will tell us if we still have a problem. If you have an issue please fill in this form so we can piece together the clues of any remaining problem. Thank you!

In addition. if you’ve not been able to get a ticket then please call us on 020 3984 9679 (fastest response and best for events coming up) or email on [email protected] so we can resolve the issue and get you your item or ticket. 

Buy ADHD UK branded items to support ADHD UK, show support of those with ADHD, and to raise awareness of ADHD.

This is also the place to get tickets for events such as support groups. There is no charge for support group tickets; however, any discretionary donation you can make is very important to the charity. We receive no government funding so are reliant on fundraising and donations for everything we do.

If you have ideas, or items that you would like to see, we’d love to hear about them – please contact us.

Branded items for fundraising, showing involvement, and showing support

branded items

Tickets for support groups, drop in advice clinics or any other ADHD UK event