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£100 per session


  • Level 7 in executive coaching and life coaching
  • Fellowship at the Association for Coaching
  • Fellowship at the Institute of Leadership

About: Lex has an MBA specialising in corporate social responsibility, a diploma in CBT, and is a fellow at the Institute of Leadership and Management  Following her own ADHD and Autism diagnosis, Lex has been on an intense learning and growth journey. ADHD and Autism have gifts no one could imagine, but with the sweets comes the sours and this has led to Lex experiencing the difficulties that ADHD and Autism brings. Lex is passionate about working with Adults with ADHD and/or Autism to understand their own superpowers and Kryptonite.

Lex takes bookings following a discovery call and then move to booking sessions. To book a call with her click her website: coachingadhd.co.uk or use the form below to have her contact you.


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2 reviews for Lex Harvey-Bryn Coaching

  1. Katherine

    Lex has been my coach for close to a year now, and she certainly goes above and beyond – she’s super switched on, perceptive and so warmly human. She has a fabulous box of tools and tricks that she generally shares with her clients. I have gained so much from working with Lex, and will continue to do so in future for sure.

  2. Lorna

    I was introduced to Lex by another coach who thought she would be a great match for me- which she is!
    I can’t thank Lex enough. I’ve only had a few sessions so far, but I will be a long-term client for sure. I wish I could absorb all the knowledge in her brain. Fabulous coach, fabulous woman, really inspiring, non judgemental, knowledgeable AF. 100/10.

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