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£25 per session, packages available


About Rhodri:

I was diagnosed with ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome in 2021 at age 40.

I am currently studying with Animas for an accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching with a completion date anticipated as March 2023 and an ICF accreditation soon after.

After devoting time to understanding and learning about my own and other people’s ADHD, and having been fortunate to experience the positivity and benefits of being coached myself, I realised that I could combine my experience as a Paramedic with my passion for working with fellow ADHD/neurodiverse adults by becoming an ADHD Coach.

My approach to coaching is working collaboratively, and offering a space for individuals to discover how ADHD affects their lives. Building on their current understanding and self-awareness, individuals will be empowered to develop their own strength-based methods for managing their ADHD. I’m sensitive to individuals’ needs and wishes and I value sharing encouragement, feedback, practical suggestions, and my own work/life experience with clients.

I offer coaching in Welsh and English.

I also coach non-ADHD individuals with family members who want to further develop their understanding of ADHD.


Free initial discovery call.

Individual sessions are priced at £25 per session, reduced to £20 per session when 6 or more sessions are booked.


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