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From £100 per hour and reduced rates available.


Qualifications: Penny is a graduate of the International ADHD Coach Training Center,  CALC, she is accredited and credentialed by the International Coaching Federation and is a Neurodevelopmental Practitioner in ADHD at Psychiatry UK.

About: Penny was inspired to train as an ADHD coach following the diagnosis of her two adult children and husband. Being part of this family has given her an acute awareness and insight into the enormous challenges that ADHD can present. But also, how much better life can be for those with ADHD, given the right treatment. With a background in Music Therapy and Special Needs teaching, it was natural for Penny to seek training in the best way to help them. Training as an ADHD coach far exceeded her expectations. It changed Penny’s perspective, behavior, and the whole world. She saw first-hand the difference ADHD coaching can make. She described it as “life-changing for her family”.

What began as an attempt to help her loved ones became her mission.

Penny’s passion is guiding those with ADHD to find their unique way forward that unleashes their potential.

Empathy, care, and client empowerment are central to Penny’s approach as an ADHD coach. She sees it as a privilege to partner with her clients, playing a pivotal role in increasing their life satisfaction.

ADHD Coaching : 

ADHD Coaching sessions are priced from £100 per hour and reduced rates are available.

Introduction Package includes :

1 x Information Gathering Session
1 x Understanding your own ADHD Brain session
1 x Goal Setting and Coaching
1x ADHD Coaching session

My ADHD/Workplace Strategy Coaching sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs but can range from practical help creating systems to managing your time, emails, calendar and to-do lists, to understanding how your ADHD is at play: identifying your needs, motivations and barriers. Answering questions such as ‘why don’t I do what I know I should?’ And ‘how can I create coping strategies for my ADHD?’

My Access to Work fee is £150 per session.

Understanding and Helping our Adult Children with ADHD.

This two hour long training event is specifically for parents of adults with ADHD.

The question I get asked most often is ‘what do I do?’ In this session we will get an in depth understanding of ADHD and its impact, followed by how we can use this understanding and knowledge to help our adult children grow, get unstuck and gain independence.

See what others are saying about the training here: https://www.advanceadhd.com/testimonials.php

The cost is £29 per person.

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Penny takes bookings following a discovery call and then move to booking sessions. To book a call with her click her website: advanceADHD.com or use the form below to have her contact you.


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