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About Kathryn: 

Hi, welcome to kawmindset coaching.
My name is Kathryn.
I have become a coach after being diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety disorder and OCD. The reason I did this is because I felt that I just wasn’t connecting with anyone who could help me after my diagnosis and wanted to take control back of my life. Through the process of becoming a coach I have gained some amazing new processes and tools to help me with my ADHD and I want to share these with you too . Therefore I can help you create the life you want to live with ADHD too. We will work through where you are now and where you want to be.
I look forward to working with you .

Mindset coaching:

To discuss costs, please get in touch with Kathryn using the form below.

I have certifications in the following:

  • ADHD Awareness
  • CBT cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Advanced mindset coaching

We will work together to create some goals around where you want to be in your life and also work through the emotions of living with ADHD
We can go through techniques in how to help you work around emotion deregulation and and fear or habits that are exhibiting in your daily life.
I am very empathetic and will take my time patiently to help you move forward


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