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About Susannah:

Susannah Ward is Founding Coach for adults with ADHD at Spoonful of Sugar Coaching. She has four years’ experience helping clients with a late diagnosis live more easily with the condition. Being a Company Director and Charity Trustee alongside her coaching work, Susannah uses those experiences to enrich her professional relationship with creative, ambitious clients.

By focussing on a strength-based approach which sees age as merely a number, Susannah has been able to put her BA (Hons), gained at the age of 62 and her graduation as a Certified ADHD Life Coach, at 64, to excellent use.

She is passionate about reducing ADHD stigma and has created an environment where her fellow ADHDers can relax without any need to mask. The local meetup she started in 2019 now supports 200 members, with a core of over 30 who meet monthly and online.

When she’s not coaching or facilitating the group, Susannah stays fit by running, dancing or practicing yoga. She’s particularly glad she picked up her flute again, and now plays in her local training wind band.

ADHD Coaching:

All my 1:1 programmes offer:

  • Client-lead strength-based ADHD Life Coaching
  • Full one-hour coaching appointments timed to suit to the client
  • A tailor-made coaching plan which evolves with the client’s personal growth
  • In-depth analysis of strengths, passions and potential sticky points


  • One-off coaching session £25


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