Stimuli | Therapy and Coaching for ADHD

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£19.99 per month | Joining discount available


About Stimuli:

What They Do: Stimuli provides affordable & accessible alternative to therapy & coaching for ADHD.

Who They Are: Created by top therapists and coaches who also have ADHD.

How It Works: They send short therapeutic audios to your WhatsApp once a day. No need to download (and forget) another app.
They have multiple courses tailored to you on various aspects of ADHD including “Getting Started with ADHD”, “Nutrition”, “Mental Health” and more!

Good To Know: They automatically pause your payment if your account isn’t used for 30 days- very ADHD friendly!

Meet our team: https://www.joinstimuli.com/team

Stimuli’s ADHD UK events: https://store.adhduk.co.uk/organiser/stimuli/


If you still have questions or want a personal onboarding, feel free to book a time in the CEO’s diary using this link: https://calendly.com/stimuliadhd/stimuli


£19.99 per month. 7 day free trial.

Automatically pauses if you don’t use it for 30 days.

Code “ADHDUK” at checkout for 30% off for 3 months.

1 review for Stimuli | Therapy and Coaching for ADHD

  1. Pim

    Adore their service. Love the idea of sending it over whatsapp. Very ADHD friendly – especially the fact they pause your subscription if not used.

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